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Common questions about PrimeX

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Q: Can I buy and sell products on PrimeX?
A: Yes, PrimeX can be used to both buy and sell products. For more information on how to join PrimeX or upgrade an existing account, please contact us.

Q: How do I invite my trading contacts to join PrimeX?
A: We are working on a new feature that allows you to easily invite your contacts to join you on PrimeX. Until we launch this feature, please contact us to add contacts to PrimeX.

Q: Who can find me on PrimeX?
A: Only the internal users of the organisation that invited you to join PrimeX can find or contact you via PrimeX. Other organisations cannot search to locate you via PrimeX. 

Q: Who can find my buyers on PrimeX?
A: If you have invited a buyer to join PrimeX, only your internal users can see or contact them via PrimeX. If buyers invite their other suppliers to also join PrimeX, then they can trade via PrimeX. New organisations cannot search to locate you or your invited buyers. 

Q: What does PrimeX cost?
A: PrimeX is free to join.
There are no fees to buy products via PrimeX.
Please contact us to discuss the fees charged to sell products via PrimeX.

Q: Can I import stock into PrimeX?
A: Yes. You can ingest product and inventory into PrimeX via csv and xml files or connect via API integration. Please contact us to discuss your data needs.

Q: Can I integrate PrimeX to my internal systems?
A: PrimeX can be integrated with your inventory, order management and finance systems to provide a seamless sales process. Please contact us to discuss your integration needs.

Q: What are the conditions for using PrimeX?
A: By using PrimeX you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Q: Is my date safe on PrimeX?
A: PrimeX is a secure SaaS platform hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). There are strict security practices in place to maximise privacy and control network access including:

  • Network firewalls on the PrimeX Virtual Private Cloud.

  • Restricted access to the PrimeX application code and database environment.

  • Encryption in transit with Transport Layer Security (TLS) across all services.

  • AWS protection of the AWS Cloud infrastructure and services which includes the physical and environmental controls of hardware, networking, and facilities.

  • Real-time monitoring of infrastructure and application.

Q: Will you share my contact details with other parties?
A: PrimeXConnect will never rent, trade or sell your email address to anyone. You can read our full privacy policy here. 

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