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Release Notes - 1 April 2019
Release Notes - 1 April 2019

Latest fixes and improvements

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Release Notes highlight the latest product updates to improve PrimeXConnect.
If you have a suggestion for a fix or feature, please let us know via our live chat support or email us at 


  • Increased size of logo in the platform header

  • Updated order total shown on pro forma invoice  

  • Seller will get an email notification when a buyer confirms a pending order 

Order Improvements

  • FAT (Free at Terminal) added to the Delivery terms options

  • The All Orders 'All' tab no longer shows closed and cancelled orders

  • You can now quickly view order details from the All Orders channel without leaving the All Orders channel. We've added a View in channel link to each order which allows you to view the selected order in the external channel. The new link is shown in the below image:

Chat Improvements

  • You can now press Enter to send a chat message (to create a new line for a longer chat message, hold shift when you press Enter)

  • We have delayed email notifications for new chat messages by 15 minutes per group. This will avoid multiple email alerts for current conversations but ensure you are aware of new chat messages once a conversation resumes

  • You will now see the below indicator when a contact is typing a message in the chat window:

Handy Tip

  • To make it easier to locate new messages, click on the Reply button or copy the link from the chat message notification email. These will allow you to view the new message within the correct group straight away. Refer to the instructions in the below image:

Next Release

  • Allow sellers to edit Reference fields and ETD at any order stage 

  • Ability to add products to order by SKU and location only (not production date)

  • Fix issue where adding new products to an order clears existing qty and price entries

  • Hide unavailable stock items (with a zero value) on the inventory list

  • Allow sellers to remove stock items from the inventory list if they are no longer needed within PrimeX

  • Allow drafts to be edited within an external channel so seller can remain in channel while creating a new order

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