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Release Notes - 1.2 - 10 April 2019
Release Notes - 1.2 - 10 April 2019

Latest fixes and improvements

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Release Notes highlight the latest product updates to improve PrimeXConnect.
If you have a suggestion for a fix or feature, please let us know via our live chat support or email us at 


  • Allow drafts to be edited within external channels so sellers can remain in a channel while creating a new order

  • Adding new products to an existing order no longer clears existing quantity and price entries for other order products

Inventory improvements

  • PrimeX will now hide unavailable stock items (with a zero value) from the inventory list

  • You can now Remove individual stock items from your inventory view to help manage your available stock. The image below shows how you can access this feature:

Order Improvements

  • To help manage changes throughout the order cycle, sellers can now edit the Seller Reference, PO Reference fields and Delivery Date fields at any order stage. Buyers can now also add their own PO Reference at any order stage. 

  • You now have the ability to add products to orders by SKU and location only (not production date) which will make it easier to create orders.

Next Release

  • In app notifications for new chat messages

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