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How to manage order attachments
How to manage order attachments

Attach and download order files

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To help reduce the emails required to manage your orders, you can now share order files within the trade vault. Both buyers and sellers can attach files to any order to help provide a single source of truth for each order. Users can also delete their own attachments. Refer below for instructions on how to manage order attachments.ย 

Manage order attachments via the orders list.
You can use the triple dot menu on each order in the list to add an attachment. The paperclip icon will appear only if an order has attachment(s). Click on the paperclip icon to view a list of attachments, select one to download or add a new attachment.

Manage order attachments via the order detail view.
Click on the + icon to add a file and click on the file name to download any file.

Click on the "X" next to the name of the attachment you want to delete. The option to delete will only be available for files you have uploaded.

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