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Channel notifications

Chat and order notifications explained

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To ensure you don't miss any order updates or messages, PrimeX will notify you when changes occur in each channel.  

Channel menu notifications
The channel menu will display notifications to show you which channels contains new items and updates. The below example shows the two types of channel notifications:
The Export Corp channel contains 1 order with an update
The Seller Company channel contains 2 new items. The count of new items includes chat groups with new messages and/or new orders. 

Tab notifications
A badge will be displayed on an order tab if there is a new or updated order to view. The Open tab is always displayed by default so does not display badges. The below image shows there is a new or updated order on the Confirmed tab. 

Order list view notifications
Updated orders
are displayed in orders lists with a white background and a change icon, as shown in the first order below.
New orders
are displayed in orders lists with a white background and bold text, as shown in the second order below.

Chat notifications
Within each channel, the chat group menu indicates which groups contain new messages and a count of how many messages have been received in each group. The below example shows 2 groups within the Seller Company channel that contain several new messages.
Order notifications:
When offers/orders are created and confirmed, you will receive a notification in your chat group with the order counterpart. These notifications are not counted as a new chat message. The order reference chip is clickable to easily view the order. The below image shows a chat notification for a new offer from Seller Company.

Only the recipient of a new order, message or order update will see the notification. If you have created the update yourself, you will not see the notification.

Once the new or updated items have been viewed, notifications will be cleared.

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