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View file import history
View file import history

View a summary of your team's file imports

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Import history  
You can easily view a summary of your team's file import activity for the last 14 days. This summary can be accessed from the inventory page or the products list within an order. Click on the below import history icon to view the history:

The below image shows an example of a team's import history. For each file imported you can see the following information:

  • File name

  • File type - Master SKU file or Stock file

  • Link to a report for each Stock file import

  • The date and time of the import

  • The team member who imported each file

Stock file report
If the file imported was a stock file, you can click on View report for more information. Refer to the below example that shows the following information for a new stock file:

  • How many stock items were added

  • What locations were updated 

  • Any location codes and/or SKUs from the file that were not imported because they have not been set up in PrimeX

How to add new locations or SKUs to PrimeX

  • To add a new location to your organisation profile, please send the location code and location name to

  • To add new SKU(s) to your organisation profile, you can import the required SKU specifications via Master SKU Import at any time

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