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Use archive to delete or remove orders

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To help you to manage and prioritise your orders on PrimeX, you can archive orders that are no longer active. 

Orders can be archived one at a time and still display the previous order status (eg Offer) but can no longer be edited by either party. The seller can restore an archived order if it needs to be edited.

How to archive an order:

  • Sellers can archive any order. Sellers can archive any order that is no longer active. This may include an old Closed order or an Offer that is no longer available, for example. 

  • Buyers can archive uncommitted orders. Buyers can archive Offers and Pending orders to indicate they do not wish to progress these orders. (Changes to committed orders such as Confirmed and Closed are manage by the seller.) 

Refer to the images below to see how to archive an order:

Archive via order list view:  

Archive via order detail view:

How to restore an archived order to edit

Sellers can restore any archived order to revert to the previous status and continue to edit the order. Refer below for the two options to restore an archived order:

Restore via order list view:

Restore via order detail view:

Archive notifications

Archiving and restoring an order will not trigger any email notifications to your order counterpart. 

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