If you are trying to use PrimeX and can only see a white screen, please follow the below steps to enable a new login session to PrimeX:

  1. Ensure you are using chrome web browser

  2. Right click on the white area of web page and select 'Inspect'

  3. A window will appear, widen the window if needed until you can see an 'Applications' menu at the top

  4. Click on 'Applications'

  5. On the left side menu of the Applications page, click 'Clear Storage'

  6. In the main part of the Applications page, click 'Clear site data'

  7. Close the Inspect window

  8. Refresh your chrome page 

  9. You should now see the PrimeX login page and after login, the issue should be resolved.

If you still experience issues, please contact PrimeX via support@primexconnect.com 

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