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How sellers can manage product SKU pricing

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Sellers can set standard prices for their products and share them with certain customers. This allows teams of sellers to share and manage pricing online and allows customers to review prices before making enquiries.

  • How to create, edit and remove a standard price: Sellers can create one standard price per SKU via the SKU specifications slider. Click on any SKU code (shown in blue) to view the specifications slider. Here you can create a standard price for the SKU. If you want to edit the standard price, just update the price value and to remove a standard price, just set the price value to zero. You will see a green tick when the price has been saved. Refer to the image below:

  • Standard pricing currency: Standard prices can be created in one currency. This is the default currency set for the seller's organisation and is displayed wherever you can see standard prices. 

  • Pricing unit of measure: Standard prices can be created per Kg, per carton or per item via the drop down menu next to the price on the SKU specifications slider.

  • Who can create / edit a standard price? Once a seller has the pricing feature enabled, any user at a seller organisation can create and edit any standard price. 

  • How to view a standard price: Sellers can view standard prices in the inventory page. Sellers and their selected customers can also view standard prices in the Add products page and the SKU specifications slider. Refer to the image below for a customer's view of pricing in the Add products page:

  • Link between standard prices and order prices: There is no link between a standard price and an order price. So once a product with a standard price is added to an order, you can change the price of the product for that particular order without impacting the standard price. If you update a standard price after you add a product to an order, the order price will not change.

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