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Release 2.4 - 13 December 2018
Release 2.4 - 13 December 2018

Latest fixes and improvements to PrimeX

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Release Notes highlight the latest product updates to improve PrimeXConnect.
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  • All channels are now displayed in the trade vault channel menu

Channel menu improvements:
To help locate the channel you are looking for, channels are now sorted from top to bottom by:

  • Channels with the new notifications

  • Remaining channels in alphabetical order

  • A channel notification banner will display if you have any unread channel updates to ensure you don't miss any updates for channels that may be out of view

Forward sales feature:
To allow both buyers and sellers to create orders easily, you can now add products to an order regardless of stock availability. To enable this, we have made some changes to the order form as shown below:

-- Add products page:

  • When adding products to an order, buyers and sellers can search the seller's entire SKU catalogue. 

  • Sellers (only) can also see a summary of the total stock available at all locations for each SKU. 

  • The below image shows a range of tenderloin SKUs, the first SKU, 40670, has 12,000kg available in stock and the remainder of the SKUs have no stock.

-- Order form detail: 

  • The product section has a new look and feel that allows sellers to select the location for each product in the order. 

  • The seller can see an availability indicator to let them know whether the product they are selling is available (Sellers need to update their inventory in PrimeX to view accurate availability)

  • The below image shows the first two SKUs from the above image added to an order. The location of Bathurst has been selected for both SKUs and the stock indicator is notifying the seller that there is no stock for SKU 36476 at Bathurst. The seller can still proceed but is aware of the forward position they are creating.

-- Buyer visibility: 

  • Buyers can now search their seller's entire product catalogue and order any item, regardless of availability. 

  • Buyers cannot determine the location for the products in the order.

  • Buyer cannot see any stock quantities or availability indicators.

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