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We have made some improvements to make it easier to view and find products.

Products can be accessed via the Add products button on the new order form, as shown below:

  • New availability filter: A new filter option will now display the available products in stock. When you view products to add to an order, the availability filter will be on by default so the available products are always displayed initially. To clear any filter, click the X next to the filter name.

  • Improved search usability: The new search field is easier to use. Type in your search and simply click the X to clear your search criteria. Search and filter work together so if you can't find what you are searching for, remember to check your filter selections.

  • External product descriptions: You will now see a more reader friendly product description in orders and email notifications. These descriptions make it easier for customers to identify the products they are purchasing. 

Below is a view of Add products where a seller and a customer are searching for tenderloin products that are currently in stock:

Seller view of Add products

Buyer view of Add products

How to know which products you have added to an order: To keep track of which products you have added to an order, you will see the total umber of products in the order displayed at the top of the products list (this also includes any previously added products). You will also see a count next to each product line showing how many times this product had been added to the order, as shown below.

Handy tips on filters:

To help find the product you are looking for, you can apply a new filter or edit a filter selection, simply click on the filter name, select an option(s) and click apply. To clear any filter selection, click the X on the filter.

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