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Release 3.1 - 11 May 2020
Release 3.1 - 11 May 2020

Latest fixes and improvements to PrimeX

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Release Notes highlight the latest product updates to improve PrimeXConnect.
If you have a suggestion for a fix or feature, please let us know via our live support chat or email us at 


  • Restrict display size of large profile images in Office365

  • Fix duplicated order product items

  • Stop team's orders showing up temporarily in the wrong channel

  • Improve time to save updates to order product items

  • Improve performance times for 'add products' page

  • Fix links in email notifications

  • Additional fixes and checks for the order 'freeze' issue


  • Shorter new order form for buyers with only critical fields. 

  • Order subject is now optional

  • Customer organisation name is displayed at the top of order detail

  • "Ordered at" date automatically created when an order is confirmed and displayed on all orders 

  • Success tick displayed on confirmed orders as soon as the order has received the M3 order ref back from the bot

  • Sellers see all products by default and only customers will see the available products by default

  • All customers will see the Christchurch location filter on by default

  • Wording to send an offer/order changed from "Create" to "Submit"

  • 2 decimal rounding in 'add products' page to improve product display

  • View new order attachments in real time

  • Click on contact cards within settings to view summary contact info (ph 1 of more)

Handy tip:
Look for the red asterisks for required fields.

Next release:

  • Customer's can browse products and prices before moving to order form 

  • Sales rep name pre-filled for customers

Coming soon:

  • External sales confirmation PDF

  • Default delivery addresses per customer

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