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Release 3.9.5 - 23 Dec 2021
Release 3.9.5 - 23 Dec 2021

Latest fixes and improvements to PrimeX

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Release Notes highlight the latest product updates to improve PrimeXConnect.
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  • Remove disabled contacts from appearing in the order recipient list

  • Ensure disabled users and/or addresses can't be duplicated from previous orders

  • The check for multiple locations per order now includes the item locations and the load out location

General improvements:

  • Subject field: the subject field is now cleared when an order is duplicated.

  • Total carton per order: Sales confirmation PDFs now display the total cartons per order as well as the total kg per order to assist third parties.

  • Subscriber defaults: These have been improved to check previous selections based on the customer contact and sales person (instead if sales organisation).

Mobile improvements (coming to app stores this week):

  • Navigation improvement: you can now see a home icon for your recent order summary and a separate orders icon for a list of all orders

  • Mobile push notifications: these will include more details on each order to help you prioritise your order management.

  • Mobile in-app notifications: you can now see an alarm icon that takes you to a summary of your order activity to make sure you never miss an update.

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