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Release 4.1.1 - 09 Feb 2023
Release 4.1.1 - 09 Feb 2023

Latest fixes and improvements to PrimeX

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Release Notes highlight the latest product updates to improve PrimeXConnect.
If you have a suggestion for a fix or feature, please let us know via our live support chat or email us at


  • Sales confirmations: We fixed an issue preventing sales confirmation emails for offers with no address and split the qty and price values on the xls sales confirmation.

  • Unit of measure: We now display Tonne as "MT" instead of "T"

  • In-app notifications: You can now see your recent order notifications via the alarm icon on the top right of your screen. Click an individual update(s) to view the details or clear all notifications via the "clear all" shortcut link.


  • Order links for chat: You can now send a link to an order via chat to make it easier to manage conversations for multiple orders. The video below shows the three ways you can share order links:

    1. Type the order ID as part of the chat message (eg type: ANZ-0000)

    2. From the order list, use the new copy icon to copy the order ID and paste into chat

    3. From the top of the order detail view, use the new copy icon to copy the order ID and paste into chat

  • Clearer view of selected address: You can now hover over any selected delivery address to see the full address detail and seller reference code to assist with delivery management.

  • Order search: You can now also search orders by consignee org name and alternate SKU ID to make it easier to find a particular order.

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