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Order comments

How to send and receive comments on an order

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Order comments:

As well as PrimeX chat, you can also use order comments to help manage conversations across multiple orders. As shown in the brief video below, click on the Comments icon at the top of the order form to comment on an order.

If you want to view the order detail while writing comments, click "Expand" to continue the conversation from a separate window.


Any team member who can view the order can view and send comments on the order. Comments are delivered in real time and recipients will receive notifications when they receive new comments.


The below table summarises the various notifications sent to comment recipients after a new comment.

The counterpart order assignee = the other buyer or seller assigned to the order

Comment type

List view link

In-app and mobile app notification


New single order comment

The counterpart order assignee

The counterpart order assignee *

The counterpart order assignee *

New comment in reply thread

Anyone who has commented in thread

Anyone who has commented in thread *

The counterpart order assignee *

* 10 min delay between notifications for the same order (to reduce notification blasts during a real time conversation)

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