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Release 5.1 - 30 Aug 2023
Release 5.1 - 30 Aug 2023

Latest fixes and improvements to PrimeX

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Release Notes highlight the latest product updates to improve PrimeXConnect.
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Please look out for the PrimeX mobile app update to enjoy these features on mobile.

Offer Expiry:

  • Sellers can now include an expiry date and time for offers. Sellers can add, edit or remove an offer expiry at any time. This is an optional feature and can be skipped if not required.

  • Customers will be notified of the offer expiry via email and in-app notifications and will also be reminded when the offer expiry has 24 hours remaining.

  • Offer expiry is visible from the order list view and the order detail view, as shown in the below images.

  • Expiry date and time will be set in the seller's default timezone and if a customer is setup under a different timezone, the customer will see offer expiry in their own timezone.

  • If the offer has not been accepted or confirmed when the expiry time is reached, the offer will be archived and the customer will be notified.

Sellers can edit the expiry date and time on any new or existing offer as shown below:

Customers are notified of offer expiry and can view the offer expiry in their own timezone as shown below:

An alarm icon in the order list view highlights the offers that have an expiry. You can hover over the alarm icon to view the expiry detail as shown below:

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