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Release 5.0 - 8 July 2023
Release 5.0 - 8 July 2023

Latest fixes and improvements to PrimeX

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Release Notes highlight the latest product updates to improve PrimeXConnect.
If you have a suggestion for a fix or feature, please let us know via our live support chat or email us at

Please look out for the PrimeX mobile app update to enjoy these features on mobile.


  • Dispatched status: When a PrimeX order is loaded out or dispatched by the seller, the status will automatically change to Dispatched. Read more about this feature and how you can track your orders here.

  • Inventory dashboard: Sellers can now see live stock positions at various sites and track the committed vs uncommitted position of each product in real time. You can easily create orders directly from the stock positions and still manage chat conversations and order notifications. Refer to the below video to see how:

  • Price history: By clicking on any SKU code, sellers can view a summary of recent and historical pricing for each product. This new feature helps sellers manage pricing by providing a live summary of unit pricing across multiple customers and markets. From the summary, just click on any order ID to view the order in more detail.

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